Acviss: your opportunity to protect yourself from counterfeit goods

Counterfeit products are a problem that causes brands to lose profits. Stopping the tide of counterfeits is very difficult, despite the presence of different methods to combat them. Acviss will help save the Automobile Sector and other industries. It is focused on protecting the brand and combating counterfeiting using advanced technologies in practice.

What products does Acviss offer?

This company is ready to provide a large number of services to each client. Let’s look at their main options in more detail:

  1. Certification. The client receives unique and non-clonable security codes. This will make product authentication easier and more error-free.
  2. Source. You will be able to track products throughout the supply chain. In practice, proven and reliable blockchain technology is used.
  3. Truviss. This service is designed to eliminate online threats to your brand. It is also possible to prevent violations of those rights relating to intellectual property.
  4. Bonus. Reward each of your clients. For this purpose, in practice, a proprietary application is used.
  5. Help. You will be able to prevent false warranty claims. The verification process will be error-free and as reliable as possible.

These are not all the services you will receive from Acviss. Cooperation with her will give truly effective results.

What are the benefits of using Acviss?

This organization really has many strengths. Among the most important points are:

  • the company operates all over the world, so your location plays absolutely no role;
  • counterfeit goods will be detected in real time, the client will immediately receive a report on the problems;
  • protection will be provided in real time, so you definitely have nothing to worry about, because problems are completely eliminated;
  • the identity will be unique, such services will definitely not be offered by other organizations, so you will not regret your decision;
  • you can install the application on your smartphone to quickly and easily check the authenticity of a product and conveniently use all the company’s functionality;
  • in practice, innovative technologies are used that allow achieving the most effective results.

Pay attention to Acviss, as this is your opportunity to protect yourself from counterfeit products. You are guaranteed high-quality services, as well as a considerable number of offers that will definitely be useful to every person!