Advantages of organizing a wedding on Lake Como: how to plan everything

Lake Como is one of the most sought after places in Italy. It is this place that many couples choose to organize a wedding celebration. But why Lake Como? To answer this question, we propose to deal with the advantages of the area.


The main advantage of the area is an incredibly beautiful view and an unusual atmosphere. The lake is equipped with many old villas and palazzos that catch the soul and allow you to make a wedding in lake Como unusual and special.

It is here that you can choose a picturesque location for a photo session and organization of a celebration, enjoying an unusual combination of water, mountains and architectural structures. Today, there are many different places on the lake, ranging from charming and cozy villas to aristocratic mansions with flowering gardens.

Italian honeymooners choose Lake Como for several reasons: close proximity to the fashion capital of Milan, incredible scenery, stylish and well-kept villas, good weather and great food. A wedding ceremony on Lake Como is perfect for those who want an aesthetically beautiful and rich wedding, adhering to great style, intimacy and comfort.

Organization of a wedding by the FiorD’amore team

The FiorD’amore wedding planning team offers its clients the organization of a wedding ceremony in an ancient townhouse or in a historic villa with a flowering garden overlooking Lake Como.

Honeymooners are presented with a wide range of venues where an event can be organized. The choice of location is based on the number of guests, for example, to accommodate about 30 guests, you can choose a small villa or a high-level hotel.

The FiorD’amore team will not only help organize the event, but also offer original ideas for designing an elegant wedding ceremony. Also, experts will help to create a menu, starting with classic dishes and ending with innovative products of modern cuisine, starting from the style of the celebration.

FiorD’amore offers thoughtful wedding packages, in particular in the choice of a unique location, the organization of a romantic ceremony, a creative menu and a celebration fully tailored to the individual preferences of the client. The main task of FiorD’amore is to help make the most important day in the life of the newlyweds unforgettable and perfect.