Boxing match in the Kharkiv Metro: results and course of the fight

Everything that happens in Kharkov and the region is necessarily recorded and published on the channel. The news on this site differs from the usual ones, because they do not contain front-line reports.

The portal is focused exclusively on peaceful Kharkiv news, so that people again pay attention to events that at first glance are not very significant, but at the same time give positive emotions and confidence in the future. This edition of Kharkiv and regional news is just that. It’s about a unique boxing match on the subway. This is the first such competition that took place in the subway.

News Description

The fight took place at the station with a beautiful catchy name Defenders of Ukraine. The tournament was attended by two national teams – one from Kharkov, the other – from the whole country. The tournament is dedicated to those heroes who, in spite of everything, staunchly defended the city.

The composition of both teams is simply brilliant and equal in strength, which is important. The team is made up of boxing stars, both national and world-class. Participation in the tournament by Yu. Zakhareev, Ya. Khartsyz, K. Stoyanchev, A. Abduraimov made the competition particularly bright and interesting for the audience.

L. Zadorozhny noted in an interview that the results of the competition are of no interest to anyone. The most important thing is the very fact of holding such a tournament. It symbolizes the return of sport to the city. After all, this tournament was the first in Kharkov since the war began. Zadorozhny noted that the competition was held in a wonderful warm atmosphere. Many people, among whom were the military, enthusiastically spoke about the past tournament. Separately, the uniqueness of the very fact of holding the competition in the metro was noted. Nothing like this has happened in the country before.

Boxing news

As for other boxing news, the following Kharkiv region news deserve attention:

  1. A boxer from Kharkov won a victory in professional competitions.
  2. At the junior championship, the victory went to 15-year-old A. Zverev, who is a representative of the Donetsk community.
  3. On April 30, the championship was held in the Dnepropetrovsk region, in which the Sakhnovshchinsky Kolos won.

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