How artificial intelligence helps you write content: main aspects

Over the course of a week, I dived into the world of artificial intelligence, trying out 5 content writing assistants. Result? One of them stands out, bringing me a new level of productivity. AI Writing Assistants has become a real assistant in this area.

I’m faced with the challenge of writing blog posts every day, and it often feels like the light of ideas has gone out. Excruciatingly long hours spent trying to come up with interesting topics and create coherent sentences often end in vain. I recently decided to test how artificial intelligence could change this situation.

More details about the programs

CopyAI was the first to enter the AI assistant ring. This tool lives up to its reputation by generating content with minimal prompting. Fast and easy, as promised.

My next stop on the AI writing rollercoaster was Grammarly, the granddaddy of writing assistance tools. Grammarly has been around for years, helping students avoid mistakes in their coursework. But lately they have also gotten into content creation. I decided to test out Grammarly’s new features like the “AI Writing Assistant” to see if this expert editor could also generate draft blog posts for me.

Next on my journey through the world of artificial intelligence was Charlie, an AI designed to write academic papers and make the study routine easier. As a writer who experiences last-minute nightmares about submitting essays, I welcomed Charlie’s promise of “effortless writing.” After giving the program a few essay prompts, I crossed my fingers that it could produce papers that deserved high marks.