How To Profitably Buy An Apartment In Alanya

Apartments in Alanya are in high demand. Many foreign investors are interested in it. Turkish government offers to obtain residence permit and even citizenship that stimulates the real estate market of the country. If you need apartments in Alanya, you can contact Stay Property company.

That is a developer and real estate agency. The organization is reliable and can offer you objects of the economy and premium class that are already built or under construction.

How To Buy Apartments in Alanya

You should do the following to make the deal:

  1. Find the apartment you need and ask for the real estate agency to check it. Collateral, prohibition of exploitation, arrest, or debts from the previous owner are reasons to find another object.
  2. To conclude a preliminary purchase and sale agreement. The contract is concluded in two languages: Turkish and the language of the buyer. It prescribes all the data about the property, the rights and obligations of the seller and the buyer, and the payment procedure. The layer helps to arrange the contract. You do not need to go to the notary.
  3. Make a deposit. Usually in the amount of 10% of the property value.
  4. To conduct an examination of the apartment. All deals with foreigners demand an independent examination of the object. This is done by a licensed expert who issues a certificate of the cost of housing.
  5. Sign the contract.
  6. To exchange money at the Turkish bank. The account is opened using a foreign passport. The bank must issue a certificate of currency exchange for the amount of the cadastral value. So, the buyer deposits the amount in euros or dollars to the bank in cash or by transfer, and the bank changes them to lira and issues a certificate.
  7. Make a translation of the passport into Turkish and notarize it and get a photo 6X5.
  8. Get a TAPU.
  9. Insure an apartment against an earthquake and sign contracts from resource suppliers.

That is a standard algorithm. If you are going to purchase apartments under construction, you can ask for developers the interest-free installments till the end of construction.

Why Investors Choose Alanya

Investors choose Alanya for several reasons:

  1. Strategic Location. Alanya is strategically located on the southern coast of Turkey, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Its proximity to major cities like Antalya and its international airport makes it easily accessible for tourists and investors.
  2. The city’s picturesque landscape and favorable climate attract tourists and investors seeking a peaceful and idyllic setting.
  3. The city’s tourism sector drives demand for luxury properties, holiday homes, and rental accommodations, making it an attractive investment opportunity for investors.
  4. The price of real estate is always increasing. The annual price increase can reach 40%.
  5. Feature to get a residence permit if the cadastral value of the object is at least $200,000. If the value is over $600,000, then the investor can obtain Turkish citizenship.
  6. Alanya has seen significant infrastructure development in recent years, with improved transportation networks, modern amenities, healthcare facilities, shops, and so on.
  7. Many tourists are ready to rent houses. In this case, investors can increase their income.

If you need high-quality apartments in Alanya, you should contact the Stay Property developer. The company is ready to offer variants of different prices in modern living complexes.