Laminate laying.

Floor coatings exist different, one of them, very popular – laminate. It was invented in the middle of the last century and was originally intended to simulate parquet. In recent years, the production of the laminate has improved and underwent some changes.Not even a specialist can cope with laying a laminate. Before laying, you need to know several rules for working with this floor covering. Laminate does not like moisture, so before starting its installation, it is necessary to cover the floor with a film. The surface of the floor should be perfectly flat.

It will be appropriate to put the heating system under the laminate. Warm floor is a modern and convenient option for heating apartments and private houses. To order the system, the warm floor Yekaterinburg offers a large number of options.

If you follow these rules, your gender will last you for a very long time.

For a long time for assembling and laying the laminate, they have not been used glue. On each plate there is a special mount in the form of a lock, it is durable and sealed.

There are three types of laminate plates to each other. First, better to do with an assistant. At first, several coating lanes are fastened together and laid on the floor. Then in the same way the second strip is attached to the already laid and so on. The assistant is needed so that the laminate does not deform, it will not be easy to do it alone.

The second type of connection is the flap of plates. Plates, on the longer side have fastening. The first row of the floor is assembled and the following plates are driven into the locks of the already assembled row. Castles in this type of connection can deteriorate.

The third type using a plastic insert located along the entire length of the plate.

There is also an adhesive method of laying laminate. But he is very laborious and without special preparation it is better not to use it.

Laminate requires care. Like any other floor covering, he does not like dirt. You can wash the laminate, but you can not fill it with water.

Laminate prices are available for ordinary consumer.