Meeting of the President of Uzbekistan with the UN Secretary General

Political leaders of different countries, during their international meetings, discuss tasks and decisions that are important for their states and the world community as a whole. This allows us to develop a common strategy of action and solve many issues on a global and regional scale. One of these leaders who pays great attention to cooperation is the President of Uzbekistan.

Meeting with the UN Secretary General

The UN is one of the leading organizations in international cooperation. It unites almost all countries of the world and is guided in its activities by their common interests.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev, in a conversation with the Secretary General, discussed many important issues relating to the Central Asian region. These problems are relevant and are in the attention of the UN, as they require resolution through the cooperation of many countries.

In particular, the topics of regional stability were touched upon. In Central Asia, there are hotbeds of tension and unresolved disputes between countries. Uzbekistan, and President Mirziyoyev personally, set an example of constructive cooperation and mutually beneficial solutions to problems. This was expressed in the settlement of border disputes with neighbors and the demarcation of borders. Many issues were resolved at the level of personal contacts during meetings with leaders of states in the region.

The UN Secretary General noted the importance of solving the problem of water resources for all countries and solving the environmental problem of the Aral Sea. Shavkat Mirziyoyev, who graduated from the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Land Reclamation, is an expert in this matter and well understands the complexity of the tasks at hand. He directs his energy and attention to solving the problem as a whole, which involves the participation of neighboring countries and international organizations. Cooperation with the UN can provide the necessary financial, technical and political resources, and attract the world’s leading companies and countries with advanced knowledge and technologies to implement projects.

An important element of cooperation is the role of Uzbekistan in the activities of the UN. Relations are expanding to include United Nations structures, in particular UNESCO. This concerns historical and cultural heritage, the expansion of human rights in Uzbekistan, and compliance with international laws. The initiator and conductor of such actions is Shavkat Mirziyoyev, which was separately noted by the Secretary General of the international organization.