Obtaining an electronic visa: rules and main stages

The development of new technologies has affected the possibilities of obtaining a visa to enter the country. Citizens of many countries can now enter Russia using an electronic document. This method was previously available to tourists visiting Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg, but now it has spread throughout the country. You can read about the specifics of the document on the https://visa-navigator.com/de/russia/visa/e-visa.

Features of receiving

This type of entry permit is available to tourists who want to travel around Russia to see the sights, cultural and natural monuments. Also, a similar document is issued to people traveling on a cultural, economic, political mission and to participants in sports competitions.

When ordering such a permit, you need to know about its features:

  1. It is issued for a stay in the country for up to 16 days.
  2. The visa is valid for 60 days from the date of issue.
  3. You can only make a single entry.
  4. It must be completed no later than 4 days before the date of crossing the border.

The visa is available to citizens of 55 countries from Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. The specific name of the state can be found on the Visa-Navigator website dedicated to issuing e-visas. You can enter through it through all checkpoints and by any type of transport.

Upon receipt, the following documents are required:

  1. Foreign passport of your country.
  2. A photograph on a white background without a headdress.
  3. International health insurance.
  4. Application for entry permit.

You will also need to provide a receipt for payment for e-visa services.


The Visa-Navigator company has been working in this area for a long time and will help you select all the necessary documents, fill out the application correctly and submit them within the required time frame to guarantee that you will receive a visa. Its specialists have extensive experience in this field and will eliminate unpleasant situations when the lack of entry permission is discovered at the very last moment at the checkpoint.

The e-visa process is quick and simple, it does not require a personal visit to the embassy or consulate, and allows you to organize your trip without much hassle.

Having ordered a document through the company, all you have to do is wait for the completed entry permit, because receiving it will not cause any problems. The cost of the service is small, it is fully justified by the time savings. For children under 6 years old registration will be free.