Shneer website maintenance services: high quality and reliability

Creating a website is not enough. It will have to be constantly improved, supported, and maintained. If it gets better, more visitors and clients will come. Otherwise, it will inevitably degrade, lose its position in search results and cease to generate profit.

But who can you trust with the service? There is usually no point in doing it yourself: the process is complex and labor-intensive. It is better to order website maintenance services on

Types of service

The company offers three packages depending on your needs.

Care Plan. Basic option. Includes performance maintenance, recovery and protection – around the clock. Also included in the plan are virus removal, backups, optimization of page loading speed and timely updates.

Unlimited Plan. Advanced plan. The previous services are complemented by the implementation of current tasks and full administration. You receive an individually developed service plan, as well as a personal manager. Shneer will take care of creating and editing website pages, content management, and integration with external resources. If necessary, will transfer the site to another CMS. The package includes basic SEO services and two hours of work from any specialist; The time can be extended for an additional fee.

Complete Plan. Professional plan. It differs from the previous one in full-fledged promotion, increased basic operating time (4 hours) and fast response time (up to 20 minutes).

Packages can be purchased by month or year, the latter is more profitable.

More about Shneer

Shneer was originally a small advertising firm—one of many. The move towards IT turned it into a technical support and website maintenance service. The team includes:

  • programmers, each of whom speaks several languages at a professional level;
  • website designers;
  • copywriters to fill the resource with content;
  • marketers and promotion specialists;
  • testers;
  • business analysts.

Shneer works with CMS and frameworks to ensure your website outperforms your competitors. The approach is flexible. Based on the results of their work, the company’s employees regularly prepare online reports, which you can view at any time. The staff is divided into several working groups, which allows us to quickly service a large number of sites. Groups are selected individually, according to the needs of the resource, the features of its creation and the language in which it is written. This ensures quality service and saves time for all parties.