Transportation of groupage cargo: basic rules, advantages and tips

Transportation of groupage cargo is one of the most popular types of logistics. This is due to the fact that this method allows you to save money and time. This method allows shippers to deliver small quantities of goods without having to rent an entire vehicle. Anyone can order transportation on and get high-quality, fast results.

What are the requirements?

Proper packaging is the key to successful LTL shipping. It is important to use quality packaging materials. For consolidated cargo, you should choose cardboard boxes, wooden boxes or pallets. The cargo must be securely secured inside the package. This will prevent it from moving and being damaged.

An important point is the labeling, which you should pay special attention to. Each package must contain clear and legible information. The marking indicates information about the following data:

  • address of the recipient and sender;
  • contact details;
  • description of contents, etc.

To organize the transportation of groupage cargo, it is necessary to properly prepare the documentation. International shipments may require additional documentation such as customs declarations and insurance policies.

Choosing a reliable transport operator

Choosing a transport operator is one of the most important steps in organizing the transportation of groupage cargo. The operator must have experience in working with LTL transportation and must provide a full range of services.

Careful planning of the route and delivery time will help avoid delays and minimize risks. If necessary, modern tracking systems should be used. This will allow you to control the movement of cargo at each stage of transportation.