Why is a business assistant valuable to a manager

Organizing the operations of a large company is an incredibly complex task. A head must be an expert in task management, time management, and resource management. Moreover, their day may rarely be called standard. They often need to be available around the clock. Under such conditions, burning out becomes all too easy. Productivity drops, which means the company efficiency is lost.

To avoid burnout, delegate some tasks to a personal assistant. You can hire a full-time employee or turn to a concierge service.

How can it help?

His main goal is to free up the manager’s personal time. This valuable resource can be spent on relaxation, self-improvement, or business expansion. His range of services includes:

  • Organizing travels and business trips. The assistant will help process the required documents, book transport and hotel accommodations, and plan an entertainment schedule.
  • Preparation for business meetings. He will prepare the location, ensure it’s equipped with the necessary technology, create an agenda for the discussion, and, if necessary, conduct the meeting.
  • Handling correspondence. He will receive mail and respond to messages according to the manager’s requirements. They also organize the sending and delivery of correspondence.
  • Documents. The specialist knows how to oversee the entire document flow of your organization. He can gather documents, compile reports, and sign papers on behalf of your deputy.
  • Office management. Organization of office life includes: purchasing, deliveries, and inspections. For instance, they will ensure that office supplies never run out, office furniture is in excellent condition, and utility bills are paid.
  • Personal services. Business professionals often opt for concierge services when the tasks they seek go beyond the responsibilities of a regular staff member. A concierge knows how to manage your schedule, remind you of meetings, and handle personal tasks. There are no direct limitations in this regard.


Business concierge services are needed by the head of a large company who doesn’t wish to hire on staff. A personal assistant can accompany him on a regular basis or be called upon as needed. He can be entrusted with certain tasks or full company management in a deputy’s capacity. The concierge also handles personal tasks that aren’t directly related to business.