Gold Unicorn – a scam by Denis Milanovsky

To catch a fraudster, one must think like a fraudster! Let’s briefly step into the mind of one of these swindlers, and it will help us protect our money.

So, we are Denis Milanovsky, and we want to make a lot of money off suckers. Let’s get started.

Well, I don’t know how to do anything, but I want to live in luxury. Working and improving my skills is not an option, so there’s only one thing left – stealing money from people. Of course, these fools won’t just give it away, so I’ll use cryptocurrency. No one understands it, and any mistakes can be blamed on the unpredictable market and other nonsense. Wait, but how will I differentiate myself from typical trading firms that offer investment services in cryptocurrency? Especially since I don’t really know how to do it, and I don’t have any licenses. I need to come up with a different lure, something grand. Oh! Ecology, clean energy. Cool. But it shouldn’t be too complicated, or no one will understand anything. I’ll write that I’ll be building solar panels, that’s something everyone will get. But, of course, not just building, but developing new technologies. Sounds good. Let’s go.

Gold Unicorn – a race of pink cattle.

Alright, we’ve made a website, thrown in some lofty phrases, and made some sort of plan. A photo, I need a captivating photo of myself. Maybe this one?

Like I’m looking into a bright future! And now let’s launch the project, advertise the hell out of it, and create a Telegram chat so we can later delete all the conversations without a trace.

Alright, I’ve described it all decently, it’s all unclear but very interesting) but that’s not enough, we need a success story. I’ll call Natasha. “Hello, Natasha, hey, listen, here’s the deal… and in the end – you’re my key partner, I’ll give you a big percentage, and the more suckers you bring in, the more you’ll earn, agreed?”

So many people have already fallen for it. But we need to do something about those who ask questions about profits and withdrawals. We still need to buy ourselves some time to gather new money and keep the old spinning. Let’s use a classic approach)

Well, everyone can just go to hell… Wait, Denis, calm down, I haven’t stolen everything yet, I need time. Write a post where you present yourself as decent, but not harmless.

And now just keep stealing, as much as time allows, until everything collapses.

Well, how do you like it? Let’s quickly get out of Milanovsky’s mind and return to reality. And unfortunately, reality is very sad.

Business coach Natalya Plotnikova – the key partner of Gold Unicorn

We met Natalya Plotnikova in Bali. She conducted sales workshops, calling herself a female business coach. Natalya, a close friend of Denis, began building a network of people, urging them to invest money in the company. And she was successful at it, as she managed to attract dozens of “business partners” who collectively invested several hundred thousand dollars in the company.

Ecological Scam from Denis Milanovsky

You probably have experienced at least once in your life when you were deceived, tricked, or maybe something was stolen from you, but it was done so beautifully, so professionally, that you even appreciated it. In the case of Gold Unicorn, everything is so stupid, so straightforward and blatant, that it becomes terrifying. Terrifying because people still fall for such a scam. They fall for lofty words, sophisticated terms, success stories of others, and they hand over their money, as much as they can, but they hand it over to swindlers who are eagerly waiting for it.

Think about it, if they truly want to help the planet, achieve worthy goals, why do they take this path? What does cryptocurrency have to do with it? Why not try to obtain government grants? Or seek investments from major market players? Do you know why? Because the government and investors, before giving away their money, will scrutinize this unicorn and its rider down to the molecules and realize that there is nothing behind the beautiful cover. No licenses, no documents, no clear plan, nothing. That’s why Denis and the guys turn to the general public, because the public doesn’t do anything like that, they simply fall for it and hand over their money. And they do, sometimes giving away their last hope of getting rich. But the ending is always the same. Yes, a few individuals may actually get rich, but they will be allowed to do so for one purpose – to lure in everyone else. To lure them in and take away all their money, and then disappear calmly. Because few will try to recover their funds through effective means. The swindlers understand all of this perfectly and take advantage of it. Do you realize how terrifying it is? They don’t even bother coming up with anything new. They throw in a couple of slogans about a noble goal, and that’s it, people fall for it.

You see, when they conduct interviews with successful people, in which they talk about achieving success through hard work, continuous improvement of skills, and honest self-reflection and treatment of their employees, most people think, “Well, we already know that.” But when some red-haired goat in glasses says, “Just give me your money and I will make you rich and build solar batteries on top of it,” people may sense the danger, but they still hand over their money. The only way to fight against this is through prevention because those who have already entered such projects are practically impossible to save. People need to be vaccinated against such scams, and this article serves as that vaccination, which, we hope, will save at least someone. Think with your own head, don’t seek easy money, or else you will face severe consequences.

Reviews about Gold Unicorn


I started working with Golden Unicorn in February 2023 based on the recommendation of my friend Natalia Plotnikova. She personally knows the founder, Denis, and highly recommended him. Strange situations regarding special contract offers and special conditions began to arise in August. As soon as I opened this additional contract, Denis took the liberty of writing me personal requests to help provide documents for Natalia’s bank to obtain loans. In turn, I tried to explain in a polite manner that these requests went beyond reasonable limits, and our communication should revolve around my investments. Then Denis took measures to prevent me from withdrawing USDT. He explained this as a problem with the system, only related to my contract, which they were trying to fix. However, they failed to fix it, and I was offered to terminate the contracts. In other words, my account was blocked, which happened on September 8. On September 11, 2023, Denis informed me that he didn’t like working with me and blocked the accounts of all the people who came through me. Moreover, he didn’t interact or explain anything to these people. Refund terms were discussed, and it was stated that no one would lose anything, only referrals would be retained. The refund was supposed to be made within 14 days. However, he did not return the money and started talking about problems with an employee who was withdrawing money from the company. Denis equated this to force majeure and explained

that in this case, the refund would take place within 30 days. Until now, the money has not been returned, and he does not respond to communication. All communication takes place only through Natalia, who assures us that everything is fine.


At first, everything was perfect – interest was being accrued, there were no glitches, and money was being withdrawn. There was trust in the company, a desire to grow together, invest, and attract partners. But suddenly, at one moment, the money stopped being withdrawn. When asked why the withdrawal wasn’t working, the response was that it would take 3 days. However, later there was a different response from Denis – he decided, based on his personal beliefs, to close the grid that attracted you. Therefore, he will return your money without any interest in 2 weeks. Just to clarify – my money had already been there for more than a month, and I didn’t withdraw it, but reinvested it. BUT after 2 weeks, nothing happened. Approximately 16 days later, a message came stating that due to technical reasons, the refund would take another 2 weeks. And now we wait…

The Victim

I am a pensioner, 75 years old. My daughter explained to me how I could receive an increase in my pension by investing my savings (which I had been saving my whole life). And here, suddenly, I find myself facing the possibility of losing everything I had… it’s unacceptable to deceive people, especially the elderly.