How to choose silver jewelry for yourself

It is difficult to say why such a sonorous definition is given to gold and silver – precious metal. However, since ancient times, products from these two metals are favorite decorations of man. Of course, the overwhelming part of jewelry is intended for women. There are several criteria for choosing jewelry based on the physical, chemical and energy properties of the metal.

The most interesting and attractive in this regard is silver. It is believed that its energy is so strong that it can withstand the effects of negative energy coming from outside. Silver jewelry is often used as a talisman for their owner from negative forces. Perhaps it is precisely such mystical properties of silver that attract the attention of jewelers who are able to produce real masterpieces of jewelry from this supple noble metal.

Of no small importance when choosing silver decoration is its test, indicating the purity of metal and the ratio of the amount of silver with other impurities. The quality of the product itself also depends on the quality of the metal used, its appearance and the basis for caring for it.

Lovers of precious, semiprecious and crafts choose products inlaid with stones or framing them. The magic of stone significantly increases the energy properties of silver, so the choice of decoration depends on the personality of the person, his horoscope, date of birth, character, addictions.

An important criterion for choosing decoration is the style and appearance of its future owner. If a silver product enters into a dissonance with a common style of clothing, hairstyles, human behavior, its perception fades, regardless of the price, quality of metal and stones, the difficulty of work.

When choosing silver jewelry, as well as other jewelry and jewelry, it is necessary to take into account the appearance of their future owner, facial features, the structure of those parts of the body that will be decorated with silver.

Like any other metal product, silver jewelry must be periodically cleaned from dust, oxidation products. To do this, it is best to use special products for the care and cleaning of silver products, which are often sold in jewelry departments or household stores.

However, nevertheless, the main criterion for choosing a silver product is the desire of the woman herself.