How to make New Year’s garlands from natural spruce branches

How to make New Year’s garlands from natural spruce branches

The beauty and aroma of fresh garland, gracefully enveloping the railing of a country house, a street terrace or even a balcony and glazing of a loggia – this is a true sign of seasonal holidays. You can make such a decoration yourself. In this article we will tell you how.

This year, you have already wrapped your house in a festive decor? Installed New Year’s LED lights in your garden? Whether they decided to buy a New Year’s live Christmas tree or took out an artificial one from the attic? If you have access to spruce or pine branches, then try to also make a natural garland. Just do not install such a garland inside the house, otherwise you threaten yourself with a large number of needles. But for the outside of the balcony or for the porch of a country house, such a decor will be the most suitable.

You will need an assortment of fresh branches, floral wire, scissors for trimming it, as well as a hemp rope or a similar dense rope.

one. Collect green branches. They can be pine or spruce. If there is a Christmas market near your house, then there probably there is something like that. For an accent, you can take paduba cones or leaves, as well as berries. If you plan to cut off branches from trees, do it right. Do not chop the spruce in your garden too much, try to take the branches that relate to the ground.

2. First of all, tie a loop on your hemp rope at its very base. Then, with the help of a flower wire, attach the first branch to the rope, slightly retreating from the loop. Attach the branch along the rope and wrap the wire two or three times around the branch until you are sure that it is safely fixed. Detachibly install the first branch so that the branch bitches as if merging with the rope.

3. Put the second branch so that it is slightly fastened with the first, fastening everything with a flower wire. Continue add greens along the rope, a piece after a piece until your garland reaches the desired length.

four. From each end of the garland, leave a little rope with which you will fix the garland on the stairs or walls. After all the work done, check if there are any bare sections on your garland. If there are one, fix the additional areas of greenery in their place.