Wardrobe room – a small secret of a stylish lady

If you have a dressing room, then you probably noticed that it allows you to choose an outfit for yourself for a particular case, while “without loading” the apartment with furniture, shelves, mezzanines and chests of drawers in order to accommodate all the necessary things. In a word, organizing a space for clothes, thereby we get more space for our own needs.

Modernized wardrobe rooms. As a rule, they are built according to the modular scheme. This gives guarantee high functionality and flexibility. Thanks to style solutions and various color palette, the dressing room perfectly combines unsurpassed comfort and convenience of location. If we take into account the fact that there are many methods of organizing the situation inside, you can be sure that your dressing room will be unique and one of a kind.

At the peak of popularity, the beloved by many women is a rectangular dressing room, which is separated by a screen from the main space. As a rule, the dressing room is behind the bed, on both sides of which there are doors.

It is worth paying attention to the corner, which allow you to arrange the furniture in an original way and look at the room from the other side. A good option would be the organization of a dressing room in a niche.

Suppose you are very careful and the content of things in the pristine state will not be very difficult, then the dressing room in this case can be placed behind the matte doors that will perform in the role of “disguise”, and if you want to boast of your friends, then organize for an elegant glass partition.

As for the filling of your “chest”, here the priorities are given to your preferences and financial capabilities. Many Russian and foreign brands represent corps furniture designed for such purposes. There is such an option when metal guides are fixed on the walls, on which the horses should be installed, shelves and drawers existing in various versions. Metal racks that are advanced as necessary can also be pulled into a convenient design if necessary.

Completing of dressing rooms, usually includes the following auxiliary elements: drawer baskets, boxes, rods, hung for ties, shelves for convenient arrangement of underwear, grid for storing things from thin fabrics.

There are no certain rules in the decorative design of this private part of the room, here you can act as a designer.