Interesting news about New York and information about the city’s attractions

If a person comes to New York for the first time, he wants to see as many memorable places as possible in the city. There are really many attractions here that deserve your attention. You can read a lot of interesting news about New York on the NYCity Media website. In this publication we will look at the most interesting sights of the city.

Statue of Liberty

You can book a tour or go to the statue yourself. It’s located on Liberty Island, so you need to take a ferry. It is better to go on a trip early in the morning to get the most positive emotions from it.

World Observatory

Climb New York’s tallest building and admire the surrounding area from the top. Expect magnificent views as all of Manhattan is at your fingertips. Enjoy a gorgeous panorama that demonstrates the process of development of the city. Visit the observatory on a sunny day, as the views will be more original and vibrant.

Sightseeing tour by Hop-on and Hop-off bus

The bus tour will provide convenience to every tourist. The route consists of thirty bus stops, each of them located in places with the most interesting memorable places. You can buy a daily ticket and travel for the whole day. There is no need to stand in traffic jams, because the bus moves along a separate lane. Transport runs at a frequency of twenty minutes between each bus.

Manhattan Island Cruise

From the water you can admire the best views of the city. The trip is organized by Circle Line and is a fun and interesting journey. You can see New York from different places. Along the way you will come across a considerable number of different attractions: from the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building. In particular, travelers like the Brooklyn Bridge, which looks presentable and majestic.

Times Square

You can come here anywhere and absolutely free. During the day you will be able to plunge into the world of a cosmopolitan city. But it is better to go to Times Square late in the evening or at night. It is at this time that everything here burns with bright lights. Expect colorful landscapes that highlight the splendor of New York.

As you can see, this city really has a lot of different attractions. You will be able to spend time with pleasure and benefit, visiting beautiful places and learning a lot of new things from their history!