Kitchen furniture

In order to ensure the preservation of furniture for the kitchen, you need to observe several simple rules for its use in a row, which are given in this publication.

Materials and tools:

Furniture for kitchen

Very clean rags

one. If you brought furniture for installation to your home from the street, when there was a negative temperature, then, after 20 minutes of stay in the room, you need to eliminate the resulting water condensate, wiping the rather dry, very soft rags of the internal and external walls of furniture.

2. Then you need to trace so that the furniture is not subjected to unexpected temperature differences, because it can also seriously damage it quite seriously. It is much better to operate furniture at air temperature from + ten to +25 ° C.

3. Vit the kitchen a little more often in order to minimize quite high air moisture in the kitchen room, which is very unfavorable for kitchen furniture.

four. Try to prevent direct influence on the furniture for the kitchen of the rays of the sun, from which its appearance worsens. Also, do not place the furniture on the heating devices.

5. The distance among the electric or household gas stove should be at least 30 centimeters. From the hob, smooth tiles to extract at least 70-75 centimeters with an electric panel, and also not to such an extent 75-85 centimeters in a gas panel.

6. Put hot pans, pots only on heat -insulating stands, take care of the surface of the kitchen furniture from the direct influence of steam and, in addition, hot objects.

7. To clean the furniture, use only specialized detergents recommended by the manufacturer of furniture for the kitchen, it is unacceptable to use the skin, drinking soda, means that contain polishing materials, and substances that can enter into a chemical reaction with purified surfaces. To eliminate dust, use a clean dry cloth.