Types of foundations

In order for the house to serve for a long time, you need to lay a quality foundation.

Ribbon foundations are used in the construction of such houses in which there are massive walls. They are installed around the perimeter of the house, and the supporting walls are erected on them. Large volumes of work, laborious process are characteristic. However, strip foundations are widespread due to their simple technology.

Materials used for the foundation:





The most massive, laborious work requires bottled foundations. Boutor stones are sorted in shape and size, then laid in the end and poured with cement. The advantage of this type of foundation in durability, strength and resistance to freezing. And the disadvantage is that it is put only where this stone is in the right amount. Where it is local material.

The button foundation consists of layers: 1.solution (cement-lime, cement) and 2. filler (bottle stone, gravel or gravel). It is laid in wooden formwork, filling tightly, alternating layers 1 and 2. Everything is simple and reliable.

From the very name “concrete” it becomes clear that this type of foundation consists of concrete with the addition of crushed stone, small gravel. It is also poured into the formwork, then it is advisable to flatter a special vibrator for better tamping. The quality of the concrete foundation is high, but a lot of cement is required, which increases the cost of work.

A brick foundation is a brick masonry made of whole burned brick using a cement mortar. It is unprofitable in view of its high cost and does not last a long time, because it does not have resistance to moisture.

No need to make foundations unnecessarily deep to save material and money. But small foundations can crack, then cracks will appear in the walls of the house. The optimal depth will help you calculate a good engineer who is versed in this matter.

When digging a pit and erecting the foundation, you can not do without the use of mini-loaders. Due to the possibility of changing the attachment equipment, such loaders are unusually multifunctional. You can find out the technical characteristics of modern loaders in the article of the KM site technology: mini-loaders of New Holland. There you can rent the most suitable loader to you.