The first day on the MKAD highway was calm

On the first day of March, the Moscow Ring Road pleased with a relatively free passage. It is still unknown whether the snowfall affected, or the new law banning the passage of trucks up to 22-00. Such events are reported by the Yandex service. Traffic jams”. According to the resource, the loading of the highway in the morning did not particularly differ from the usual movement on any other day, but gradually the situation began to equalize. The portal experts suggest that most likely the adverse weather conditions influenced the traffic jams, but by 11-00 the situation has changed and the workload on the MKAD highway began to gradually decline. At the same time, the number of vehicles on this day was about twice. Even in the evening, when the next hour comes the peak and people return home with whole columns from work, the length of the largest cork did not exceed and 10 km. Although, as you know, it was on this section of the road that the size of traffic jams of 15-20 km has already become a normal phenomenon in the life of the capital’s drivers. Meanwhile, the government recalls that from March 1 of this year a new bill on the ban on the passage of large -sized trucks, the weight of which is more than 12 tons, entered into force. Now from 6-00 to 22-00 for such vehicles, travel to the Moscow Ring Road will be illegal and will entail a fine. Thus, the authorities count on a significant increase in the patency of the machines and the minimization of emerging plugs.

The movement has once again complicated in Moscow. In the metropolitan region of Russia, due to not steady weather conditions, the conditions of movement from drivers are complicated. Heavy snowfalls lately more and more often make itself felt by its obsessive presence. Moreover, the high level of snow was recorded throughout Moscow.

Latvia again creates a transport line from trucks. On Christmas Eve on two checkpoints that connect Russia with Latvia, kilometer queues from trucks were formed. So at yesterday near the checkpoint in Terekhovo in the queue there were more than 800 trucks, and at the checkpoint Grebenevo there were about 140 trucks.

The situation on Moscow roads is complicated. The capital’s Russian region, which becomes in the spotlight. This time in the Russian capital and coastal regions of the Moscow region, there was a rather unpleasant situation on the road urban massifs of the central regions of Moscow. All the fault of the huge snowfall, which very significantly complicated the situation on the roads.