Web design: concept, basics and essence, advantages

The development of the Internet leads to the emergence of many websites. All owners want their resources to differ favorably from others, to have a beautiful appearance, and a convenient and understandable interface. For this purpose, we offer website design and development from experienced specialists.


The term web design refers to a set of actions taken by developers to shape the appearance of a resource, its interface, and the ability to interact with visitors.

When planning and carrying out web development, the following factors are taken into account:

  1. Creating an attractive appearance.
  2. Formation of convenient and understandable sections to make navigation easier for new users.
  3. Giving a number of functions that will allow visitors to use the site for specific purposes.

WEB DEVELOPMENT COLLABORATION is required between the customer and the craftsmen in order to achieve the result that is necessary for a specific resource.

Basics and essence

The basis is UX/UI, or the formation of a user interface that will meet the visitor’s expectations, the theme of the site, and its functions. At its core, web design is the formation of the external shell of the site, what the user usually encounters when navigating through the resource.

Among the main web design tools are:

  1. Choosing a color background and shades of resource design, selecting fonts for headings, articles, content, which combines texts, photographs and drawings, videos, sound files.
  2. For convenient, intuitive navigation, the correct structure is created, where all sections of the site and topics are immediately visible. All these details are highlighted by color, font and location on the user’s monitor screen.
  3. The functionality of the site is determined by the presence of additional tools such as a shopping cart for customers, a personal account if the portal provides services to visitors, and other options.

The site should be balanced, that is, one part of it should visually and practically not outweigh the other. This usually affects the right and left sides of the screen. Accents are used to draw attention to the main details. They can be color, text and others, for example, in the form of a button that triggers a specific action.

The success of the site among users, their length of stay on the web resource, and their return to perform certain actions depend on the design.