What is a fat manner?

For the mechanical cleaning of wastewater from unmulfreied fats, as well as, partially, from suspended particles that differ in a small or significant hydraulic value, separating along with fats under the influence of gravity, devices such as fatty soldiers are used.

Modern and reliable fatty soldiers are a hermetic container in which partitions or other obstacles are installed to slow down the course of fluids passing through the device and its cooling. In the process of cooling, fats change their condition from emulsified to non -emulsified, as a result of which they come to the surface of the water, from where they subsequently remove.

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The need to use such equipment is due to the fact that the main problems in the operation of sewer systems are primarily associated with deposits on the walls of pipelines of fat waste, which in the process of accumulation create a beneficial environment for pathogenic bacteria, during the vital process of completely clogging the sewer. As a result, there is a need for frequent pipe cleaning or in their complete replacement.

This problem is especially relevant for public catering establishments, cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, recreation centers, production food workshops and plants, as well as for modern supermarkets. The use of fatty films allows for local wastewater cleaning, and avoid downtime in the production process, and, accordingly, financial losses. This kind of device can be both an autonomous cleaner and an elemental component of a whole cleaning complex.

The productivity of the fatter can be different, and depending on this, one or another type of installation is provided. Therefore, you should select such a device taking into account its location, performance and service method. Industrial plastics are used for the manufacture of fatty films that are not corroded, have chemical stability and meet all safety requirements. This material is used for the manufacture of technological equipment for various industries, including modern food.