What you need to know about Glambook software: its benefits

Today, the field of cosmetology is represented by a variety of services. That is why every year there are more and more experts and masters. However, increased competition does not allow novice specialists to fully fill their working days, thereby receiving a good income. In order not to face such problems, we suggest using beauty services near me and installing software from Glambook.

About the program

The Glambook team offers independent stylists and clients a special program that allows them to find their clients and specialists, discovering a wide variety of beauty services.

The software allows masters to save their own time and money on booking a recording, partners to find independent professionals, and specialists to form a client base. The program from Glambook is aimed at specialists in various areas of the beauty industry: make-up artists, manicure and pedicure masters, hairdressers, massage therapists, eyebrow artists, depilation or permanent makeup masters.

To use the program, it is enough to install the Glambook application, choose an attractive offer for yourself, based on the cost, location and type of services, and get the services of a professional.

Why an app from Glambook?

Today Glambook offers rather unique software that allows customers to find their master, get high-quality service, convenient location and loyal prices. At the same time, booking an appointment is carried out online and takes only a few minutes. The program allows you to pay for services not only in cash, but also by credit card, receiving additional bonuses for the next visits to the masters.

As for the benefits for professionals, among them are the possibility of using effective marketing tools to form a work schedule, the ability to increase the rate of income from the services provided, find a place to work, build a client base and not face losses and risks, with clients who are always late or do not come by appointment.

Today, the Glambook program is a technological shock to the beauty world, allowing stylists to save time and money by avoiding unscrupulous clients!