New services from NAS Broker were in demand on the profile market

According to the Exchange Leader, to date, the share of active Russian players is growing independently in the tenders in the interbank market regarding the total number of participants.

“Enterity to interbank” automatically involves obtaining a number of advantages, the main ones are the lack of large spreads and commissions, the instant execution of all orders, in addition, provides for the absence of the broker’s ability to interfere in the work of each client personally, which adjusts the market work, making it more stable. With reasonable use of these capabilities, profit becomes more stable. Despite the fact that more and more companies provide an opportunity to withdraw each order directly to liquidity suppliers, traders are extremely reluctant to take on such obligations. The reason is strict conditions. As a result, the format “broker-intermediary” is still the main one, even despite its obvious incompetence. When asked how to earn a beginner on Forex in the current conditions, the answer is still a “kitchen way”. However, at the moment there have already been pioneers who offer a new type of service. First of all, we are talking about Direct Market Access technology offered by NAS Broker. After the opening of the Tornado STP DMA special account, a number of new capabilities such as reducing spreads, increasing the speed of orders, the abolition of commissions and a huge number of trading tools are opened before the NAS Broker client. Everyone can use all the benefits. Already now we can talk about rational grain in the offer of NAS Broker. So, as is the case in business, similar services will be offered by other similar companies. Improving conditions without loss of benefit will necessarily push the market development of such services in a more convenient party for the client. Well, the choice of a client in favor of a particular company depends purely on how it has proven itself. Everyone knows that the Forex market attracts ambitious personalities who are ready to curtail the mountains in order to fulfill their desires. Anyone can take part in the financial system, regardless of gender, age and education. The fundamental role is played only by the analytical abilities of a person, his intelligence and the degree of development of intuition. However, even in the presence of impressive mental abilities, you should not neglect help from outside, which is often offered by specialized resources.