Deputies announced the competition to all food products

Regardless of the adoption of the federal system of contracts, the lives of state procurers have become easier. Deputies are preparing to accept amendments allowing to purchase food products at competitions. The next day, deputies will discuss in the 2nd reading amendments to the law on public procurement, changing the procedure for purchasing food and food services. According to the editorial office confirmed by the relevant committee in the course of the construction work last Thursday (there are Vedomosti management), where many issues will be discussed related to the local sewer of the country house; To arrange applications for the supply of goods, drinks and services for catering for all educational, medical and social institutions is possible both at the auction and at the competition itself.

This amendment was proposed by the deputy chairman of the Committee from the United Russia party Martin Shakkum. This will increase the quality of food products purchased by institutions, he is convinced. At the moment, it is permissible to carry out food purchases exclusively at auctions, where the only aspect of selection is considered, and the purchase of services is mainly at auctions. According to reliable information of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) from the main portal.

The most 142,000 contracts for the supply of goods and the company of feeding at a price of 81, 5 billion rubles were concluded, the truth, a good part of financing according to these agreements falls on the purchase of goods for the army of the Russian Federation and domestic troops, for which the amendments do not matter. The bill was finalized and completed at the initiative of the FAS, the head of the service department Mikhail Evraev reports, identifying that it remains an adherent of auctions for products. In the former edition, the client had the opportunity to establish subjective aspects of the assessment of orders (qualifications and main quality) with a weight of 45%. In the final version of the document, the authority of the biased aspect is reduced to 30%, these figures of Shakkum and Evrav clarify.

In addition, according to Eurev’s statement, the “pre -qualification rule” will be introduced at competitions and auctions, in it the accomplice of the supply must in the absence of penalties to make 2 state orders for the required amount of at least 20% of the initial rating of the contract. Purchases of food did not end the scandal. In early May, the FAS opened the cartel conspiracy of the most 20 companies that supplied the products of the meat type of the Ministry of Defense, the FSO and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as a result of which the contracts were concluded much more than it went out at auctions.