Renault electric cars in the Russian market

Naturally, Renault knows about it no worse than everyone else and also started negotiations in this direction. However, here so far no tangible results have been obtained.

Therefore, at the demonstration of the electrical auto industry of the French manufacturer, which took place in Sokolniki, all those present were going to look more like an exotic than to really ask and try to comprehend the need to buy an electric car. The event held, the definition of a test drive was not suitable, it could be indicated as a defile, because, half of the route passed along park alleys, which had a speed limit of 10 kilometers per hour. However, as for me, the electric car, which the French have already begun to produce in serial production, is interesting on any speed mode.

They began acquaintance with electric cars from a sedan called Reneault Fluye.E. From a car with a conventional engine familiar to everything, its version with the electric motor is different and strongly. And here we are not only about how the sedan externally modified because of the new head optics and the rear dimensions, which are very reminiscent of the style used in Maserati Granturismo. With an external inspection of the car, it may seem that its rear overhang is a little big. This really does not fail so the eye. After all, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the manufacturer needed to place blocks of lithium-ion batteries somewhere, the weight of which is close in 250 kilograms. They are located under the back of the chairs. However, this location did not significantly reduce the capacity of the car luggage, it has a lot of space left. For this, the designers lengthened the body of the sedan by 14 centimeters. The final length of the RENAULT FLUEN.E. now 4.75 meters. Also, the car became wider than its gasoline analogue of 4 centimeters, and 21 millimeters below due to the weight of the batteries.

The traditional internal combustion engine in this car is replaced by a synchronous electric motor with a rotor, which can spin up to 11 thousand revolutions per minute. The power unit of the car is able to issue 70 kW, which is 95 horsepower forces. Its maximum possible torque is 226 nm, which are transmitted to the front axis of the car through its only transmission.

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