What scammers fool Ukrainians on

People are sold to fake goods, miracles and “profitable” loans. Some tangible volumes in a few years should be. In 2015, 6 million trips from Ukraine to Russia were registered, half of which are labor migrants who work in the Russian Federation at construction and oil and gas production facilities. Bagirov added that today the banking system of Ukraine, accustomed to receiving ten -time profits, has turned into an organized banking group. And if a person does not know something, will he trust this. Export and prices fall Ukraine began to clean the sunflower.

P In January 2018, the average salary in Ukraine in the calculation of one full -time employee decreased by 12. In the International Monetary Market, the prices for the currency pair of Euro-dollar today started from the mark of 1.3710/12, and by 11:00 1.3646/48 decreased by 11:00.

However, they should have the minimum necessary insurance experience. KPPRUMER, VPITILIA of any problems of the UNBBANK, the state automatically returns to customers the deposits of DOP100 thousand euros (VPSSHAP DOP100 thousand dollars). In 2017, the number of economically inactive population of working age is 15-70 years, amounted to 12.6 million or more than a third of the total population of this age. In his opinion, the benefit of Ukrainian Internet users lies in synergies with existing SKM assets in the telecommunications sector.

According to him, an improvement in the situation is possible only in the fall, when world demand for Ukrainian export is restored. The real sector was not such a support for economic growth, ”said the adviser to the head of the NBU. Having achieved a little concessions from the IMF on the issue of raising tariffs, the authorities agreed to reform pension legislation.

Recall that in Ukraine in the III quarter of 2017, compared with the corresponding period of the previous year, the incomes of the population increased by 19.2% – to 280 billion 565 million UAH. This was told by the President of the Union of Real Estate, Alexander Rubanov on ERA-FM.

In addition, he said that the state should provide housing with 110 thousand. Note that the leaders in the issuance of youth loans at the expense of local budgets are the Donetsk, Lugansk, Nikolaev and Dnipropetrovsk regions. If the past power can be called “yesterday”, then the current one is generally “the day before yesterday,” said Irina.

Although this was mainly due to internal factors. 96.6 thousand were concluded with the population. The tendency to accumulate medicines is also pronounced.