Popular questions from clients and their feedback on the work of the Voice Tag

Computer technology is an integral part of business. No dubbing is complete without sound effects, and Voice Tag Lab is a specialist in this area. With the help of this resource, beatmakers have the opportunity to emerge victorious from the competition in this niche.

  • Voice tags on the voicetaglab.com have a number of advantages:
  • possibility of voice acting in four voices: children’s, female, male and anime;
  • the company has been operating for more than four years and is quite competitive in this type of activity;
  • in their reviews, customers mark the company as a conscientious performer;
  • after payment, the order is sent to the client’s e-mail within 4 days;
  • possibility of receiving a discount when ordering several tags. The company provides promotional codes with a discount on the order;
  • the client expresses wishes regarding the recording of the tag. It is recorded 3 times to provide a choice.

Free editing of the result is allowed. In case of identified discrepancies or customer dissatisfaction, rewriting is possible. The company guarantees 2 free edits, after which the work will be sent to the customer by e-mail.

Popular questions from clients and their feedback on the work of the company

Customers who have never communicated with Voice Tag Lab ask a lot of questions, trying to clarify the situation for themselves. The vast majority of questions relate to editing voice tags.

Words do not change during rewriting. Corrections are made such as:

  • the speed of pronunciation of the phrase;
  • voice replacement, for example, from a child to a man;
  • replacement of sound effects.

When making a rerecording request, the client should understand that the original phrase and the speaker reading it remain unchanged. As for the size of the voice tag, it includes 7 words. To obtain a larger volume, you must place an order by e-mail laboratory.

Questions of interest to potential customers relate to areas such as:

  • the admissibility of using the voice tag for commercial purposes. The company has nothing against it;
  • 4 voices are used to record the tag: anime, female, child and male. The customer can choose any of the listed;
  • If you need high-quality voice acting for a video, Voice Tag Lab will assist you with an individual contact by e-mail.

At your request, the voice tag will sound in the format you need: sexy, breathy, brutal, slow, etc.