What is the composition of natural cosmetics?

I want to delight your face and body only with natural cosmetics. You can use traditional products and make creams and masks yourself. But with the modern pace of life, this is completely not enough for this. There is a way out – this is cosmetics on natural components without the addition of chemistry. Let’s figure out what components are part of the miracle tools.

Fruit is useful! Who does not yet know about the large number of vitamins contained in them? That is why fruit hoods can be found as part of many cosmetics. The skin saturated with vitamins becomes elastic and radiant. Fruits also have a positive effect on the hair due to the high content of wax ethers in them.

Often olive oil is often used as the basis of the cream, which perfectly moisturizes even dry skin. This component helps to strengthen it and prevents the appearance of the first wrinkles. Apricot, peach and almond oil is very useful. In addition to moisturizing components, they contain trace elements necessary for the skin.

Nature itself gives us nature. Therefore, natural cosmetics are often made with extracts of calendula, chamomile, nettles, burdock and many other herbs.

Another unchanged component used in natural cosmetics is bee honey. It helps to restore skin cells, therefore it is used in the production of body creams, shower gels, scrubs. Bees give us another component with an incredibly strong effect – this is royal milk. Contact masks based on it are able to work miracles! This milk is a natural biostimulator that makes cells renew faster.

You can talk about the advantages of essential oils endlessly. In addition to a pleasant aroma, they also have medicinal properties. A drop of essential oil will make any mask or body scrub several times more useful. The most popular representatives are lemon, orange, lavender, mandarin essential oil.

To extend the shelf life of natural cosmetics, natural preservatives, for example, propolis or an extract from chamomile, are introduced into its composition.

Cosmetics based on natural components are more expensive than artificial analogues, but the result of their use is incomparable. If you want to preserve youth, then this cosmetics for you!