Useful advices about choosing pictures to decorate the parlor

The interior design of the living room deserves special attention, because this room is considered the main one in the house. Empty walls do not look very attractive. Paintings on the walls will bring bright notes to the atmosphere. Wall art for living room is a great solution. You just need to know the basic rules for choosing paintings for the living room. Selection Tips When choosing a picture for decorating the interior of the living room, you need to consider the color scheme of the room. The canvas should harmoniously fit into the overall color scheme. But this does not mean that the picture should be made in the same colors. Contrasting colors are also allowed, provided they blend with the background. The size of the room where the picture will hang is also important. In a small living room, a large canvas will visually reduce the space. And in a large room, small paintings can get lost. To find the optimal size of the picture, it is recommended to cut out paper rectangles and attach them one by one to the wall.

When purchasing a painting, you need to pay attention to the style of the interior. For each style, you can choose the right canvas without overloading the interior. The theme of the picture is essential and largely determines the emotional atmosphere in the room. If there are difficulties in determining the appropriate subject, you can choose one of the following options: scenes from your favorite movies and cartoons, landscapes depicting places you have already visited or are just planning to visit, images of animals and plants, wise sayings, abstraction. The determining factor in choosing a picture should be your own feelings. You should not blindly follow fashion trends and the advice of strangers, because the canvas will always be in front of your eyes and should evoke extremely positive emotions.