What should be done before the repair?

If in your housing all various communications (batteries, water supply, electrician, plaster poured from the ceiling) have come into an unimportant state, then it is necessary to do the overhaul of the apartment. The same thing awaits you if you purchase housing in a new building without finishing. If you bought an apartment from the secondary fund, then you still have to do major repairs, because it is necessary to master all the square meters that still remember the old owners.If you are ready to pay a tidy amount for cosmetic housing repair, then in the future you will not have to change the wiring and pipes.

No need to spend money on expensive materials to try to align the curved walls, sometimes it happens that it will be more reliable to make new.

Before starting your repair, you need to get to the main part. Such a process, if the apartment is in Khrushchev, it will be difficult to do.

Paul is located at different levels. If the apartment is on the second floor and above, then the wires of the lower floor can be located under the sand.

Special measures must be taken so as not to damage them, and if a major overhaul is done, then, of course, a new one needs to do.

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Plaster mixtures are most often used on a cement or plaster base. Gypsum is better than cement from the point of view of ecology. But cement will be cheaper, as it has high moisture resistance, and the mixtures contain a huge amount of cheap aggregate. Professionals recommend the use of gypsum plaster mixtures for internal finishes, and materials – during the operation of external walls.

It is important to remember that apartment repair is a rather responsible step towards building a new family and happy life. It is definitely worth two hundred times to weigh everything, think over, and cut off just a brilliant idea only once.