The building of the cinema Shakhtar

A series of wall and soil reperns is laid along the perimeter of the building, the distance between which is 3-4 m. Soil ranges are laid at a distance of 2-3 m from the foundation.

The building, similarly to the Shakhtar cinema, took inclinations in the same sequence: first – towards the lines of the face, then the reverse side. Six dates were built graphs of the soil and foundation for six dates, but the difference in the amount of settlement at the same points of the same name is much smaller but compared with similar schedules for the settlement of the Cinema Shakhtar. The greatest value of cutting the foundation into the ground but the southern facade was 8 mm for October 11, 1965., After which its gradual decrease began. After March 1966. The soil and the foundation settled at almost the same speed: both profiles practically coincide for the last two dates. On the northern facade of the house, the settlement of the foundation also occurred with a slight lead. Towards the end of the leaving process, the sedimentation curves almost coincide along the entire length of the building.

As a result of the part -time job, the building received a noticeable deflection, the increase in the magnitude of which in time. The absolute size of the firmation of the foundation was for March 1966. 14 mm on the north side of the building and 9 mm in the southern. Accordingly, the absolute values ​​of the deflection of the earth’s surface are 17 and 11 mm, which is about 1.2 times larger than the deflection of the foundation. As a result of the influence of mining work, separate cracks appeared in the walls in the first and fourth entrances with opening up to 25 mm. During the part -time job, there was no violation of its operation.

Residential building number 2 but ul. Soviet-two-story brick building of the 1-255-2 series, built in 1958. Building length 50 m, width 12 m. The foundation is bottle, strip, ceilings from prefabricated reinforced concrete. The building relative to mining work fell in relatively favorable conditions – to the center of the martial, and the long side parallel to the Love Line line. The maximum deformations in the area of ​​the building reached the following values: inclination = 1 mm, relative horizontal compression deformations E = 2 mm.