Counter-Strike 2 – enhanced features and Improved gameplay

Counter-Strike 2 is an updated version of the iconic game Counter-Strike, featuring a transition to the more advanced Source 2 engine.

Those who own Counter Strike: Global Offensive will be able to upgrade to the new game for free and keep their items. One of the notable enhancements of Counter-Strike 2 is the improved matchmaking system and a unique sub-tick server structure, providing players with quick updates on their opponents’ actions, including shots and movements. To get the best experience during beta testing, it is recommended to play on CS 2 servers.

In addition, Counter-Strike 2 boasts physically accurate smoke that reacts to light, shooting, and explosions, completely redesigned CS:GO maps, and some new weapon models. The updated game also has improved lighting and shadow effects, significantly enhancing the visual aspect of the game. The sound engine and sound quality have been updated, enhancing the positioning and quality of sound effects. Furthermore, the game features improved UI, new effects, and blood stains that accurately display the direction of fire and gradually disappear over time.

With the release of Counter-Strike 2, fans will have access to a toolkit for creating models and maps, rendering functions, and a Steam workshop. The game is expected to be released in the summer of 2023.